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Useful links for SF Writers

SF Writers' Groups

These are run by or involve writers who have been to Milford.

Million Monkeys,
If you like the idea of group writing, no crits, just words on the page, there's Million Monkeys, a very informal group that meets on Monday evenings in the Royal Festival Hall. FB group is, or take a look at

The Montpelier Writers Group,
(Founded by the late and much lamented Peter Garratt.)
The Montpelier Writers Group is centered on Brighton but has members from Surrey and Kent and meets approximately monthly at members' houses. They use "Milford Rules" to discuss their  work in the SF and Fantasy genres, including YA/children's literature. They are actively recruiting new members as several have moved away (including their own Liz Williams, lately of that parish!)  They have a Live Journal blog: Anyone interested in joining should contact Liz Counihan <

Northwrite SF,
(Though members currently travel from Scotland, Glos and Lancs as well)
For writers unable to get to all the lovely southern-based groups. Run on Milford lines for published writers of SF who are serious about writing for publication. Strictly limited to ten members, so places only become available if someone drops out. Contact: jacey(at) Held close to Huddersfield - four times per year.

T Party,
If anyone's interested in joining a London genre-friendly writing group, please consider the T Party (  They have around thirty members, and are a mix of new writers, through to WotF and Aeon winners, and published authors. They had their name before That Other Organisation across the Pond.


A monthly meetup for anyone with any sort of interest in any sort of writing to come along, have a pint or two (or indeed a glass of wine, or a g&t or equivalent) and chat about writing and related subjects. It's unstructured, informal and usually a lot of fun - do drop by if you're around!

Courses and Workshops

  • Arvon Foundation runs writing courses and these are sometimes SF based. See their website for details.
  • Clarion — well-known residential workshops in the USA with intensive 6-week training by a variety of guest lecturers.
  • Odyssey US residential fantasy writing workshop
  • Swanwick Writers; School, Derbyshire. An annual residential writing course with a variety of tutors and literary after-dinner speakers. (Not SF specific.)

Writing Business Links

  • Agent Query — searchable database of literary agents
  • Ansible — David Langford's multiple Hugo-winning newsletter: responsible for there being more Hugos per capita in Reading than in any other town in the UK.
  • Codex — online group of "neopros" (writers who have made at least one pro sale, but are still in the early stages of their careers).
  • Critters — the pre-eminent online workshop for spec-fic writers.
  • Duotrope — market listings and response tracking - subscription required.
  • Evil Overlord List a kick up the cliché
  • ISFDB — The Internet Speculative Fiction Database
  • Miss Snark Archive — a NY literary agent dishes the dirt and drops pearls of wisdom in her (now discontinued) blog.
  • Preditors and Editors - A guide to publishers and publishing services for serious writers since 1997
  • Query Shark — how to write query letters that work
  • — market listings.
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America — the main organisation of professional spec-fic writers open to writers from outside North America, too..
  • SF Hub — portal for science fiction research.
  • SFF Net — homepages, forums and more.
  • — an online resource guide for speculative fiction fans and writers.
  • The Submissions Grinder - free searchable database of fiction markets
  • Submitting to the Black Hole — market response-time tracker.
  • Turkey City Lexicon — Things to avoid in your writing plus a few to grasp with both hands. Includes explanations of 'plot coupons', 'as you know bob', 'deus ex machina', 'said bookism' plus the apparently highly desirable 'eyeball kick'.
  • TV Tropes — be prepared to lose several hours if you visit this website. It's another great kick up the cliché
  • Writer Beware — exposing scams against writers

Web links and home pages of Milford attendees past and present:

Brian Aldiss * Chris Amies * Tiffani Angus * Cherith Baldry (Erin Hunter) *Jacey Bedford * Pamela Boal * Molly Brown * John Brunner * Chris Butler * John Clute * Ian Creasey * Colin Davies * Samuel R Delany * Jaine Fenn * Jane Fletcher * Neil Gaiman *  Mary Gentle * Neile Graham * Dave Gullen * Mark Harding * Merrie Haskell * Jackie Hatton * Robert Holdstock * Liz Holliday * Ben Jeapes * Diana Wynne Jones * Gary Kilworth * Paul Kincaid * David Kyle * David Langford *Mike Lewis * Heather Lindsley * Duncan Lunan * Wenonah Lyon * Anne McCaffrey * Una McCormack * George R. R. Martin * Guy T Martland * David Marusek * Nancy Jane Moore * Dan Morgan * Ruth Nestvold * Val Nolan * Chris Priest * David Redd * Alastair Reynolds * Al Robertson * Geoff Ryman * Gaie Sebold * Sarah Singleton * Kari Sperring * Vaughan Stanger * Alys Sterling * Bruce Sterling * Charles Stross * Mark Tompkins * Karen Traviss * David Turnbull * Liz Williams * Neil Williamson * Patricia Wrede

Hints and tips for writers by writers:

Places to take a break and write:

  • Trigonos - current home of Milford, but open to private bookings through the year for individuals or for groups. Wonderfully scenic and peaceful.
  • A la Breche - recommended by Guy Martland as an excellent for artistic and creative types


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