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Milford Committee

Only in a speculative fiction environment could the ruling triumverate end up with seven people.
The committee voted in at the 2018 AGM consists of:

Dave Gullen - Chair
Jacey Bedford - Secretary, website
Tina Anghelatos - Treasurer
Liz Williams - Vice Chai
Kari Sperring - Press liaison

Jim Anderson - Most Egregious Token Male

Dave Gullen
Dave Gullen is a writer and IT geek living in South London. He write SF and Fantasy short stories and novels and also edits the occassional anthology. He is an occassional leather-worker, and loves tree ferns. He became Milford Chair and Ruler of the Known Universe in September 2016.
Jacey Bedford
Jacey Bedford is published by DAW inthe USA (6 novels so far). She has sold several short stories to anthologies and magazines since her first sale in 1998, which gave her a qualifying sale to attend Milford, which she did. She turned up scared to death she'd be outclassed by every other author. She probably was, but no one laughed her out of the place, so she's still attending Milford whenever she can. And every time she learns something new and meets new friends. She was vice chair until 2015 and from 2015 owards takes over the role of secretary.
Liz Williams Liz Williams attended her first Milford in 1998. She's sold more than 15 science fiction and fantasy novels and is published in the USA and the UK (and also translated into Dutch). Her first two novels, Ghost Sister (2001) and Empire of Bones (2002) were both nominated for the Philip K Dick Award. Liz is the daughter of a stage magician and a Gothic novelist. She holds a PhD in Philosophy of Science from Cambridge and currently runs a witchcraft shop in Glastonbury with her partner. She was Milford secretary from 1998 to 2015 and from 2015 owards is vice-chair.
Tina Anghelatos
Tina Anghelatos works in the IT industry. She writes fiction and is currently working on a science fiction book. She is Milford's treasurer.
Kari Sperring Kari Sperring's first Novel, 'Living With Ghosts' appeared on the honours list for the 2010 James Tiptree Jnr Award. Her second novel, The Grass King's Concubine, which has been to more than one Milford during its gestation period, appeared in 2012 as part of a two book deal with DAW. She's a historian with a PhD in mediaeval British history and a specialisation is early mediaeval Wales and writes academic books under the name of Kari Maund, six, so far plus a number of academic articles.
Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson Professor James W Anderson is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Southampton, and is also the Associate Dean (Education and Student Experience) for the Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences. Beyond mathematics, he practices the traditional Japanese martial art of aikido and writes science fiction and fantasy. He insists his role on the Milford committee is as Most Egregious Token Male

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