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Milford SF Writers' Conference

Each year a small group of published writers of speculative fiction get together for one special week in a secluded residential location in beautiful Snowdonia, North Wales, to critique work, discuss ideas and generally connect with other writers. Note: Speculative fiction includes science fiction, fantasy and all their sub genres.

Milford 2017 took place on 9th to 16th September.
Write up here.

Book now for 2018 or 2019

Only 2 places left for 2018 (15th - 22nd Sept) at the time of writing.
Booking for MIlford 2019 (14th - 21st Sept) has just opened.
If you wish to go on the mailing list for future Milfords, email jacey(at), or phone 01484 606230

Information about attending.
Skip explanations. Go straight to booking.

  • Limited to a maximum of 15 participants
  • Open to writers from the UK and abroad.
  • Newcomers are always welcome. (Places ringfenced for newcomers until Easter each year.)
  • Adult and children's authors, novelists and short story writers, multi-published authors and relative newcomers. Must be science fiction/fantasy.
  • Attendees must have sold at least one story to a recognised market to qualify for attendance. If in doubt about qualifications, please talk to us.
  • Constructive peer-group critiquing.
  • Networking. A healthy exchange of ideas.
  • Mornings are your own. Hard-working critique session in the afternoons. Sociable evenings - dinner and good conversation..
  • Friendly, constructive atmosphere.
  • Beautiful surroundings. Comfortable, warm accommodation. Single rooms. All ensuite (as of 2017).
  • Locally produced & organic food. Special diets catered for.
  • Price in 2018 - £636 (Deposit £150. Balance £486)
  • Price includes accommodation and all meals.

Because Milford has been over-subscribed for the past few years we ask that people do not attend more than two years in a row without stepping back and taking a break of at least a year. If you have attended for two years running and then apply for a third consecutive year you will only get a place if we are under-booked.

Outdoor crit session 2014

Crit session round the sundial, September 2014
It's North Wales in September, so the weather can be unpredictable.
We grabbed the sunshine while it was available.

Milford Bursaries

In 2017 we had two funded places for SF writers of colour (BME) as first-timers at the Milford SF Writers' Conference. Our recipients were:
Suyi Davies Okunbowa (Lagos, Nigeria)
Dolly Garland (London, England)

In 2018 we have invited Nisi Shawl (USA) to be our bursary recipient as her application for 2017 was exceptional, but we didn't then have the funding to offer her a place.

We have a limited number of bursaries available, however the bursary scheme is intended as an encouragement, not a quota. We operate an equal opportunities policy so all SF/F writers who are 'Milford qualified' are welcome to apply for the full-price Milford SF Writers' Conference places subject to availability.

Future bursaries may be avilable for writers of colour (BME). Full or part bursaries may be available on the grounds of need for writers who have never attended a Milford before. Please enquire.

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Milford 2017

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