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2019 Milford Writers' Retreat

After a very chilly Milford Writers' Retreat at Trigonos, in February/March 2018, the weather gods were kind to us on this year's retreat from 5th - 12th May. Yes it was Sunday to Sunday because it was the only available week Trigonos had, but we're back to Saturday to Saturday from 2020 onwards. No critiquing sessions, just time to write without interruption. There were thirteen of us this year and we had a hugely productive week.

2019 Milford Retreat group

Left to right: Back row: Trevor Jones, Guy T Martland, Ian Creasey, Al Robertson
Middle row: Liz Sourbutt, Jim Anderson, David Allan, Catie (C.J.) Murphy, Liz Williams
Front row: Jacey Bedford, Phil Suggars, Dolly Garland, Leah Moore

We had a lovely week with a great mix of people. Everyone said how productive it was for them. Catie Murphy wrote so many words that we now describe word counts in 'murphys'. Most of us were delighted to produce a fraction of a murphy.

Trigonos looked after us very well. There have been some staff changes. Farewell to Branwen (who has left) and Richard (who is still involved, but is stepping back). Their roles have been taken by Kayleigh and Lowri, but as usual Trigonos staff are an effective team, whether in the kitchen or the office or the grounds.

Coffee breaks and mealtimes were very sociable and there were usually some of us gathering in the library after dinner, though some people chose to write in the evenings as well. Nevertheless, a decent amount of wine and spirits was consumed and the world was put to rights. There was, of course, a lot of writing talk.

Coffee time

Clockwise around the table from left to right: Dolly, Liz Williams, Phil, Al, Catie, Leah, Jacey, Jim and Liz Sourbutt.

Writers' retreatNext year we're holding the retreat in June (because by the time we booked, all the complete May weeks were gone) but in 2021 and 2022 we've already booked a mid-May week. See here for booking details.

Dolly Garland says:
I’ve been here a day and already I feel the writer in me taking the centre stage as rest of the life, chores, to-do lists fades away into the background. My plan for this week is to edit (basically re-write) a short story and edit my novel. There is, of course, reading involved, because when you are done writing, you want to be inspired by good words. Hanging out with fellow Milfordians is awesome as ever. It’s amazing how close you feel to people you barely see when brought together in a right (write) setting.

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Jacey Bedford says:
It's a rare getaway from both my day job (I work from home) and my family - though I love them very much. When at home I’m always ‘on duty’ for family stuff, even if it’s only to cook a meal or take my elderly mother to the supermarket. Here, I have all day to look after number one. Meals are provided. Breakfast at 8.00, coffee and biscuits at 11.00, lunch at 1.00, cake and coffee at 4.00, dinner at 7.00. Trigonos is set in beautiful surroundings. As soon as you arrive, you can breathe deeply and feel the stress melting away. I’m doing edits for my work in progress, the Amber Crown, which is so very nearly ready to be submitted to my publisher.
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Here are some quotes taken out of context, just because we can.

They hit the banana reset button. - Phil 
I've stopped exposing my profession. - Jim 
There is no way to carry a human being up the stairs in a dignified way. - Jim 
My domestic instincts are not that strong. I don't care that there is a dead pigeon in the corner as long as it stays there. - Liz S
I am a stalker. Not stupid. - Dolly
Young and chunky. Just how I like them. - Leah 
I have been 700 metres up somewhere unprounounceable. - Ian 
I did it with two napkins and a tea spoon. - Liz W 
If Guy was attacking me, I'd stand on a chair and punch him in the kneecaps. – Jacey
I think we're gonna need a bigger cafatiere. – Liz S
Sherlock Holmes has his memory palace – you've got a block of flats. - Jim

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