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Milford 1982

From Andrew Stephenson's Archive and Dave Langford's Ansible

Sun 26 Sep 1982 - Sat 2 Oct 1982
@ Compton Guest House, 59-61 Keyhaven Rd, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington, Hampshire, SO4 0QX

Listed on flyer of August 1982 (some may have dropped out before the event):
Brunner, John:
Edwards, Malcolm:
Evans, Richard:
Garnett, David S.:
Greenland, Colin:
Jakubowski, Maxim:
Kilworth, Garry:
Langford, David:
LeConte, Marianne:
Maddern, Pip: (Chair)
Pollack, Rachel:
Redd, David:
Saxton, Josephine:
Tuttle, Lisa:

Ansible #29, October 1982: Dave Langford's report on Milford 1982.

Milford (UK) Writers' Conference (26 Sept-2 Oct, Milford-on-Sea) saw the usual literary mayhem and bizarre doings: this year's attendees were the omnipresent John Brunner (whose puns worsen like some fearsome gorgonzola with each passing year), Malcolm Edwards (who was able to issue on-the-spot Interzone rejections but this year did not liken me to Jerry Pournelle), Dave Garnett (who distinguished himself by introducing the word 'shitepoke' into a 'Call My Bluff' game, and was almost served as the end-of-the-week banquet), Richard [Arrow] Evans (who should be writing this report), Colin Greenland (whom Hazel decided was nice), Maxim Jakubowski (deeply alarmed by the prospect of Milford reports appearing in the gutter press), Gary Kilworth (whose mild exterior conceals the filthiest repertoire of jokes I've met, plus the ability to beat everyone at 'Meteoroids' with irritating casualness), me (no revelations whatever), Marianne Leconte (who let out the secret of the Milford Group Marriage to alarmed end-of-week visitor R. Holdstock), Pip Maddern (who ruthlessly and dominantly chaired Milford, and who plans to flee back to Australia before next year's), Rachel Pollack ('much nicer than Roz Kaveney but not so tall', said an anonymous Devon source), David 'Judge' Redd (who sent the Milford Comite a testimonial and who therefore will not be embarrassed by any mention of his public nakedness here) and Lisa Tuttle (who not only repeated her fabulous 'Big-Mouthed Frog' narration but was incautious enough to mention to Rob Holdstock on Saturday that she'd had a bath. Said Rob: "You've been having a bath with Marianne?" No comment). The heart of Milford, the critical sessions, are indescribable here (Maxim can breathe easy again); the week finished with the usual party/dinner with a few odd guests (Rob H., C. Evans, Hoares), speeches, and ritual drinking of new Chairman D. Garnett's blood. Professional authors interested in attending Milford 83 should contact the secretary (me)....

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