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Milford 1975

From Andrew Stephenson's Archive

Tue 14 Oct 1975 - Sat 18 Oct 1975
Tuesday seems rather early; but that's what my notes say
@ Compton Guest House, 59-61 Keyhaven Rd, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington, Hampshire, SO4 0QX

Boal, Pamela: "Johnny Up The Chimney" (Ch.1+2+3), 9000ww
Brunner, John: "The Suicide Of Man", 8000ww
Buckley, Kathryn (== Bulmer, Pamela): "Impossible Day", 3000ww
Cowper, Richard: "The Hertford Manuscript", 14500ww
Franke-Winheller, Charlotte: "Ten Milligram Of Fever" or "A Matter Of Infection", ?ww
Holdstock, Robert: "Remembering", 7000ww
Lunan, Duncan: "The Square Fella", 7000ww
McCaffrey, Anne: "Lady In Waiting", 4500ww
Parkinson, Bob: "Eschatogenesis", 4500ww
Priest, Christopher: "Wessex Rising" (Ch.1), 3500ww
Schutz, J.W.: "The Sandman's Coming", 3300ww
Stephenson, Andrew: "Sengoid's Lantern", ?ww
Wallmann, Jeffery M.: "Chasing Shadows", 3750ww


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