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Milford 1974

From Andrew Stephenson's Archive

Sun 6 Oct 1974 - Sun 12 Oct 1974
@ Compton Guest House, 59-61 Keyhaven Rd, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington, Hampshire, SO4 0QX

Blish, James: "A Corner In Blood"
Cowper, Richard (= Murry, John): "The Custodians", 12000ww
Delany, Samuel R.: "Trouble On Triton" (Ch.1:"Der Satz")
Franke-Winheller, Charlotte: "It's Because Of Elsie", 2500ww
Holdstock, Robert: "The Time Beyond Age", 8200ww
Joyce, Stephenie (= Boal, Pamela): "The Neptune Adventure"
Joyce, Stephenie (= Boal, Pamela): "The Poet Who Told Fables"
Kyle, David: "Bug Killer In A Naked Society", 5600ww
Lawrence, J.A.: "Slipstream" (Ch.5), 3500ww
Locke, George: "Those Crazy Ideas", fragment
McCaffrey, Anne: "The Bones Do Lie", 8500ww
Morgan, Dan: "Young Tom", 3000ww
Nicholls, Peter: "Infinity, Eternity, And The Pulp Magazines: A Critical Survey Of Science Fiction" (Ch.3), long
Parkinson, Bob: "O, Say, Can't You See", 10000ww
Priest, Christopher: "An Infinite Summer", 9000ww
Redd, David: "Dark Sun" (Ch.6+7 of appr 18)
Saxton, Josephine: "New Esthetics", incomplete
Schutz, J.W.: "To Sleep, Perchance To Dream", 4900ww
Stephenson, Andrew: "Metaphors Of Man's Estate", 3300ww
Szab¢, Peter Szentmih lyi: "Black And White Holes"
Tabori, Paul: "The Squatters"

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