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Milford 1973

From Andrew Stephenson's Archive and David Langford's Checkpoint

1973 Earlier in the year than usual @ Red House Hotel, going purely by memory.Attendees: Mark Adlard, James Blish, Judy Blish, Pamela Boal, Charlotte Francke, Judith Anne Lawrence, George Locke, Anne McCaffrey, Peter Nicholls, Bob Parkinson, John Phillifent (John Rackham), Josephine Saxton, Jerry Schutz, Andrew Stephenson, Peter Tate.
From Checkpoint #42, October 1973: George Locke's report on Milford 1973.

UK MILFORD CONFERENCE: Thanks to George Locke, who reports that "it was quite successful, although unfortunately Samuel Delany and John Brunner were forced to drop out at the last moment from pressure of work. Chris Priest also couldn't make it for the same sort of reason and Ken Bulmer unfortunately sustained a back injury immediately before the conference and was unable to attend. Participants, however, included James and Judy Blish, Anne McCaffrey, Jerry Schutz, Pamela Boal, Charlotte Francke, Andrew Stephenson, Peter Tate, Mark Adlard, Peter Nicholls, Josephine Saxton, John Phillifent (Rackham), Bob Parkinson, and myself -- I think that's all.

"The conference was held from July 13th to 20th, with a party on the 21st, to which a number of authors, agents and publishers' representatives were invited, concluding the proceedings. It was held in a hotel at Barton-on-Sea, near Milford-on-Sea, Hants. It is planned to hold the next conference in Milford in October, 1974. James Blish, incidentally, was interviewed on Southern TC on Wednesday, July 18th." For those of you in ignorance, perhaps I should note that this new series of Milford conferences is arranged for sf writers in Britain.

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